Film Theory: The Mystery of Dune's Spice SOLVED! (Dune)

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Dune is an epic fantasy that has captured the imaginations of people for YEARS. It all centers around a specific substance known as "spice". This spice is the key to everything in the Dune universe. Today, Theorists, I am to figure out what exactly that spice IS and WHY it works the way that it does. It's time to get spicy!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, and Zach Stewart
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and AbsolutePixel
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



Comentarii: 4 128

  • As someone who took prednisone when I was as a kid, I was never informed that having blue sclera was a side effect. Kinda scary honestly.

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache
  • Matpat:

    Draiocht TepesDraiocht Tepes
  • My late wife had Lupus and therefore took Prednisone from the age of 13 until she past at 30. She had a lowered immune system and suffered from night terrors from it but was always looking toward the bright side of her situation. She would have loved your video Matt and would definitely had started calling her daily med regimen her daily spice melange.

  • The human computer thing doesn't come from the spice. It comes from the Mentat training that was developed after computers were outlawed, long before the spice was discovered by the galaxy at large. And it's a product of the sand trout, which is a larval form of the sand worm. That whole ecology is kind of weird as the sand worms have three distinct phases in their lives, but they cycle through those phases, over and over, and the larger sand worms actually feed off of the tiny sand trout, which would grow into sand worms later in life, if they don't get eaten.

    Daniel DenmonDaniel Denmon
  • The spice doesn’t affect Paul’s eyesight nor does it make him go blind. In Dune Messiah he is affected by a radiation based weapon caused a Stoneburner which destroyed his eyes. I literally just finished that book.

  • I'm so happy that Game Theory content is getting back into it, I've felt like for a while it's been filler but now that the quality content and stuff like these videos are coming back I'm taking more interest

    q qq q
  • For anyone who has never read the books and only the movie, yeah a lot of stuff from the books inspired Star wars. There was also a lot of inspiration from the Valerian comics (which aren't from America so I can understand why not many people understand) not including more obvious inspiration from samurai movies and westerns. Besides its not really a rip off because Star wars is way less opposed to AI compared to Dune so its easier for a droid to calculate interstellar math than a human.

  • I love how you can pull these filaments of possibilities into something real. But being a Dune geek of the original six novels (I won't get into what I think of other novels), I have to point out that even though you did mention you were going by the Dennis Villeneuve version, you did mention something that happens in the second novel (and third movie, if Dennis and the studio are willing to close out the Paul story arc - but not really since there's a character that appears in the third novel that may or may not actually be Paul, not to be spoiled here), that Paul's blindness has nothing to do with the spice and all due to a Stone Burner nuclear device being detonated near him, a side effect being it melts your eyes. Okay, late-60's sci-fi weird. But since Paul has prescience, he can function as if he still had eyes as he can see the future a moment in advance. Due to his prescience he knows he has to suffer this fate for the events to play out along the Golden Path, even though he's too chicken to make the ultimate sacrifice, leaving it to his son, who Paul's prescience didn't inform him would be born. Remember that. It's important for the remaining novels :)

    Steven VallarsaSteven Vallarsa
  • One of the side effects of spice melange is addiction - once you start taking it, you can't stop or you'll die. So if this stuff is an enhanced form of alien Prednisone, and your body's immune system becomes dependent upon it, then that would make sense. If you stop taking it, your immune system can't cope and you die.

    Daniel TrotterDaniel Trotter
  • Yeah, I went and saw Dune a second time after watching it and it was worth the money. Amazing visuals and sound effects, the characters were well-played, and the storytelling was immaculate.

    DJ KylaDJ Kyla
  • Matt Patt, I love the enthusiasm. It's fantastic that you are in this fandom. But you REALLY missed the mark on a couple of lore points. Example: The Spice didn't impact Paul's eyesight at all. He goes blind in the second book because he looks at the explosion of a super weapon that emits a radiation that melts human eyes.

  • As someone with a chronicically inflammated intestine I can this as true. I got the activated part, prednisolon, and experienced a lot of those effect. Funnily enough... Thanks to that my once hazel-green eyes have a greyish blue hue since I had to take the meds.

    Red PolscorpRed Polscorp
  • I guess the women addicted to Dune’s spices are called Spice Girls

     ShortHax ShortHax
  • MatPat, you also forgot that the spice is officially so addictive that the addiction is what extends life. The body and mind get so addicted they will defy death and aging in order to keep getting it.

  • Few things get quite as frustrating here as when MatPat comes so close to having some good points, and just over focuses on trying to make something fit a specific talking point rather then just see what the data could mean on it's own, and when he gets some pretty major and basic fact wrong.

  • MatPat is one of the best theorists on ROburn and yet he still can't pronounce Zendaya's name correctly

    Ominous CandleOminous CandleAcum 14 Zile
  • "If you've seen dune the movie, dune the old movie, dune the book..."

  • The other consideration that you forgot to mention is the spice’s rarity and difficulty to synthesize. I can’t imagine Prednisone being that difficult to produce.

  • My only problem with the claims of this video is Paul's blindness. His blindness has no connection at all to the spice. It's caused by a device that goes off that is designed to blind people.

    Thomas WoodThomas Wood
  • You can really tell he didn’t really learn about the dune books because he says paul went blind from spice. He lost his eyes from a nuclear weapon thing in the second book