Squid Game stars take on the Dalgona Challenge [ENG SUB]

They may have survived the dalgona challenge in the drama, but how skilled are the stars of SQUID GAME in real life? Watch the cast try out all the tricks they’ve picked up on screen to avoid the dreaded punishment that awaits those eliminated (Don’t worry, the stakes are much lower here 😆)

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  • I love squid game

    Katherine Jane AlimpolosKatherine Jane AlimpolosAcum 3 ore
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Mariana MeirelesMariana MeirelesAcum 3 ore
  • 달고나 진짜 한번도 성공 못했는데.....

    현지 도현지 도Acum 3 ore
  • hello!

    Cúc NguyễnCúc NguyễnAcum 3 ore
  • 0:29

    Arno Arbales BelamyArno Arbales BelamyAcum 3 ore
  • 0:11

    Arno Arbales BelamyArno Arbales BelamyAcum 3 ore
  • 이야 국뽕~

    이웰치과김중민이웰치과김중민Acum 3 ore
  • Dam the dalgona looks so gooood.

    I am just a CatI am just a CatAcum 4 ore

    𝚁𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚁𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎Acum 4 ore
  • Enakk aslii

    Peach penaPeach penaAcum 4 ore
  • Hyng ihh

    Peach penaPeach penaAcum 4 ore
  • 2:45 anumap thripathi is he are indian

    ARMY 💜ARMY 💜Acum 4 ore
  • Let’s fucking go player 199 is the best in my opinion

    Invalid shortsInvalid shortsAcum 4 ore
  • Ali looks like angry Roblox dad.

    Silly NinjaSilly NinjaAcum 5 ore
  • Brs?

    •.*Äkirå Light*.••.*Äkirå Light*.•Acum 5 ore
  • Ho-yeon is so beautiful

    Akleh MapogiAkleh MapogiAcum 5 ore
  • See you on Netflix on season 2 u mean?

    Antony tuAntony tuAcum 6 ore
  • O do biscoito 😊😊

    Yara e yasmimYara e yasmimAcum 6 ore
  • The Memorable Character is Ali (I dont know)

  • okay but what was in the box???

    _ Schmeaty __ Schmeaty _Acum 6 ore
  • The first two and a half minutes were genuinely therapeutic.

    Thrilla from Manila Thrilla from Manila Acum 6 ore
  • espera como que me lleve al baño ._. dios mio hajhajahjahajhajah

    Kim _Gabriela GarciaKim _Gabriela GarciaAcum 6 ore

    💖Kelltn💖💖Kelltn💖Acum 7 ore

    Joanna MurellaJoanna MurellaAcum 7 ore
  • cool how Ho-yeon said her acting sucked, but she's one of the most loved characters on the show!!

    Ana Clara - KidsAna Clara - KidsAcum 7 ore
  • 11:44

    Aidan the king😀🥳Aidan the king😀🥳Acum 7 ore
  • Squidgame is literally everywhere bruh so out of curiosity ive decided to watch d show my 1st kdrama ever...n got hooked hope season2 will come soon. Edit: love d cast they seems so nice n humble

    Tinker BelleTinker BelleAcum 7 ore
  • Blutdruck was Sie wissen müssen - Die Gefahr von abnormalem Blutdruck roburn.info/done/qHx9gqa5rnqb2tE/video.html

    vân lêvân lêAcum 7 ore
  • The actor who plays Deok Su is the best ever! He appears so different in reality. I wouldn't even recognize him in the street, yet I have a crush on Deok Su! He deserves an award for the transformation! He's just like Emilia Clarke playing Daenerys.

    M. B.M. B.Acum 7 ore
  • I love all of them!!!

    Mya PeoplesMya PeoplesAcum 8 ore
  • "am i pretty?" o.0 She's absolutely stunning. No cap.

    coolguyhino92coolguyhino92Acum 8 ore
  • 13:05 jsjsjssjj

    Isa 10 UwUIsa 10 UwUAcum 8 ore
  • i was actually hungry watching this

     𝑅𝒾𝓎𝒶 𝑅𝒾𝓎𝒶 Acum 8 ore
  • I legit love these girls 🥺

    Xx_cookie nezuko_xXXx_cookie nezuko_xXAcum 9 ore
  • So weird that they worried if they were bad actors but ended up portraying their characters in the most believable way I have ever witnessed. Pain, joy, fear, I believed every single expression they made and it drew me in like no other series/movie

    GhostRiderGhostRiderAcum 9 ore
  • The cast is so damn amazing, I actually kinda feel bad for hatting deok su, How bad his character is,tells how professional he is in acting.

    Aabiah WaqasAabiah WaqasAcum 9 ore
  • 화장실 삼각형에 널 바이오한 부분에서 일어난 일

    elias martinezelias martinezAcum 9 ore
  • These Asians actually refer to themselves as “Squid” gamers! 🤦‍♂️

    Biggy SmallsBiggy SmallsAcum 9 ore
  • The fact that all these people irl are the exact opposites of their characters just proves how amazing they are at acting, definitely better than any Hollywood actors today imo

    Lili MarlenLili MarlenAcum 10 ore
  • Русские вы где?

    Ekaterina OsaulenkoEkaterina OsaulenkoAcum 10 ore

    Lili MarlenLili MarlenAcum 10 ore
  • The way he squeezed the candy 1:19 Is so satisfying 🥺🥺

    S almaS almaAcum 11 ore
  • 😍

    Y HUY HUAcum 11 ore
  • Oh man, I feel stupid after watching this...you have no idea how hard I tried not to cry at them betraying and sacrificing for each other in the movie. I loved every single scene and I still have nightmares of those creepy masked guys!

    Devil 2004Devil 2004Acum 11 ore
  • He really thinks about tug of war 24/7

    the walls are breathingthe walls are breathingAcum 11 ore
  • soy la unica que habla español😅

    Maria Castilla TorresMaria Castilla TorresAcum 12 ore
  • 13:06 Gipnodance ✌🏻

    Учиха МадараУчиха МадараAcum 12 ore
  • 달고나는 아주 맛있습니다 ❤️

    Inn HyejooInn HyejooAcum 12 ore
  • 8:07 Wait….. I can see Ali at the back😂😅 Are they shooting at the same place ?? Like literally I just noticed 😅😂😂😂

    Inaya ParvezInaya ParvezAcum 13 ore
  • Éyajs

    Nhã KimNhã KimAcum 13 ore
  • 4:12 whoever those people are, y'all down bad 💀

    arahabakiarahabakiAcum 13 ore
  • พ่อมด มด

    Yig NarokYig NarokAcum 13 ore
  • I love You ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭

    Bat SrlBat SrlAcum 13 ore
  • 6:45 How much time do I have left? 35 seconds Okay.... What? 🤣

    Justice RulerJustice RulerAcum 13 ore
  • ma perché non c'è il protagonistaaaaaaaa

    Sophia non SofiaSophia non SofiaAcum 13 ore
  • roburn.info/done/i4ybi4qUyoek0MU/video.html

    Metin Dolunay Metin Dolunay Acum 13 ore
  • Where is gi-hun:(

    RexrexyRexrexyAcum 14 ore
  • funny how in one scene Jung Ho-yeon was actually laughing and it made the cut because it "was too good to be removed"

    SatirebooSatirebooAcum 14 ore
  • 11:50 hurt my ears 🥲

    tubboattubboatAcum 14 ore
  • 11:53 hurt my ears 🥲

    tubboattubboatAcum 14 ore
  • Its so cuute xD

    ꪖꪶꫀ᥊ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Ă̈R̆̈M̆̈Y̆̈ꪖꪶꫀ᥊ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Ă̈R̆̈M̆̈Y̆̈Acum 15 ore
  • I really wish they also included the actor who played the old man whenever it comes to fun things ☹️ he did a rlly good job acting too He deserves everything:(

    hen kohen koAcum 15 ore
  • If I‘d recieve those flowers: oh my god, that‘s the first time i‘ve ever recieved flowers o.o But like for real. The cast is so amazing and so kind. I‘m sad that they won‘t be able to act together again in Squid Game :(

    ShiokuShiokuAcum 15 ore
  • I was watching this in class and they were so cute I couldn't stop smiling lololol

    Reagan WangReagan WangAcum 15 ore
  • 4:08 your pretty!

    Aretha Christy Frederica Sianipar 1503141Aretha Christy Frederica Sianipar 1503141Acum 15 ore
    • why didn’t wi ha jun danced 😭

      hen kohen koAcum 15 ore
  • Очень тяжело попасть в актерскую индустрию иностранцам,но этому иностранцу повезло не хило так~ Шансы всегда есть.

    Liu ElevenLiu ElevenAcum 15 ore
  • 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰

    ประเทืองทิพย์ ฝาละมีประเทืองทิพย์ ฝาละมีAcum 15 ore
  • squid game dance, i love it lol

    Musician0296Musician0296Acum 15 ore
  • I like when she danced and sang the song 😂

    Jonathan JaynesJonathan JaynesAcum 16 ore
  • Ga ada 467

    Angel 😘Angel 😘Acum 16 ore
  • ... For a second Ali was Indian...

    Estela AbianEstela AbianAcum 16 ore
  • Cês são top

    Néfi TerrariaNéfi TerrariaAcum 16 ore
  • Kim Jooryeong is so gorgeous. And so polite. A great actress too.

    We all have secretsWe all have secretsAcum 16 ore
  • These are my favourite player number 067 ( Sae-Beouk ) 001 ( Ill-nam/old man ) 456 ( Gi-Hun ) And Ali (lol I forgot his number)

    xButterflyPlaysxxButterflyPlaysxAcum 16 ore
  • I am mad they did not show even a bit of Hajun's dancing. LMAO jk

    — mamacoco— mamacocoAcum 16 ore
  • "Recebi mensagens pedindo pra que a levassem ao banheiro" MDS KAKAKAKAKA

    FernandaFernandaAcum 16 ore
  • 13:01 my fav part lol 💃💃🕺🕺

    Bernice TangBernice TangAcum 17 ore

    Evan JosuaEvan JosuaAcum 17 ore
  • ㄴ탱캐 퍄 횩ㅎ펼 됴레랴뵈헤쇼펴요재퓌 비테데행 뤼

    sirilaksirilakAcum 17 ore
  • why didn’t wi ha jun danced 😭

    Timothy JamesTimothy JamesAcum 17 ore
  • Squid game yay

    Glenda MoralesGlenda MoralesAcum 17 ore
  • I lovee SAE byeok. ❣️I wish I can meet her 😍

    Shristina Dura PulamiShristina Dura PulamiAcum 17 ore
  • THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE ONLYSEX.UNO THREE IN ONE L...❤❤❤... ROburn: THIS IS FINE. THREE IN ONE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. ROburn: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾. Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.

    Eden MackEden MackAcum 17 ore
  • ali's smile was cute....

    STB 2006STB 2006Acum 17 ore
  • So no-one noticed Ji-Yeong is wearing her squid game tracksuit

    Sheetal RajawatSheetal RajawatAcum 17 ore
  • I think it speaks for these actors that they were able to be so good in a show and still be so humble and thankful for the great reception of it. I'm really interested in seeing more stuff by these actors, especially the younger one's.

    Gunnar KarotteGunnar KarotteAcum 17 ore
  • Jesus 24m views? Imagine if this show came out before COVID 100% wouldn’t of gotten the popularity it did. Great mini series I hope they don’t make a second series. Or if they do just make it done well!

    History ZHistory ZAcum 17 ore
  • The villain girls looks so graceful compared to her character hahaha

    justhumanjusthumanAcum 17 ore
  • Lol

    Kang Sae ByeokKang Sae ByeokAcum 18 ore
  • Ali is Indian but he speak Korean soo good

    Manyata MandalManyata MandalAcum 18 ore
  • omgggg sae byeok is so cute in the squid mask!!!!!!!!

    𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚙𝚢𝚒𝚎𝚣 ☁︎︎𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚙𝚢𝚒𝚎𝚣 ☁︎︎Acum 18 ore
  • Argentine Pays le plus riche du monde | 40% de la population argentine aujourd'hui est pauvre ? roburn.info/done/jLFtd7DAq4GFzs0/video.html

    yến hoangyến hoangAcum 18 ore
  • My god Ali speaking korean so well 🙂

    Little SquidLittle SquidAcum 18 ore
  • The series was gr8 but not satisfied with end

    sneha sinhasneha sinhaAcum 18 ore
  • I can't stop watching this they look so cute-♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    deep voicedeep voiceAcum 18 ore
  • CUTE

    βoω ψβoω ψAcum 19 ore
  • 13:05

    マグロ帝国マグロ帝国Acum 19 ore