Jennifer Lawrence Explained to Meryl Streep Why Jonah Hill Called Her a Goat (Extended)

Jonah Hill talks about Don't Look Up, the inspiration behind his character in the film and confusing Meryl Streep by calling her "the GOAT."
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Jennifer Lawrence Explained to Meryl Streep Why Jonah Hill Called Her a Goat (Extended)



Comentarii: 1 710

  • I love how Meryl Streep took the "goat" compliment super literally and took it as a badge of honour like a champ.

  • I love how he always looks at the audience to talk to them directly because he’s always so excited to just share his cool stories lol seems genuine

    Nat ColeNat Cole
  • When he pulled out that paper, Jimmy's mind immediately went to Jonah's Superbad drawings..... Still, Jonah is the G.O.A.T in his own right!

    The Ripe Tomato FarmsThe Ripe Tomato Farms
  • HUGE respect to Jonah for bringing up HR794, using this platform to bring attention to what really matters right now. I imagine the show didn’t let him really talk about climate change too much to avoid bringing down the mood, just like the morning show in the movie. Mad respect for anyone that uses their platform to take action on climate change. Just like the movie portrayed, it’s what everyone SHOULD be doing. We can’t afford to lose everything to apathy and cowardice.

  • Jonah finally looks like he is comfortable with himself. I like it.

  • Jonah looks like he’s a cocaine dealer working undercover in an episode of Miami Vice in the 80s. Love it

    Evill DeadEvill Dead
  • I LOVE how excited he is about the movie. He’s like laughing and having so much fun explaining it. That REALLY makes me want to go see it!

  • He looks so comfortable and happy

    EnNombreDeLaCiencia !EnNombreDeLaCiencia !
  • I've always loved it when an actor has morphed into something completely different when promoting a movie, I don't know why. This was one of the best versions of that 😂

  • Love how he actually talks to the audience, shows alot of respect and character 👍👍

  • “Hes Gotta have a birkin bag”

    Sydney KongSydney Kong
  • The scared look on Jimmy's face when Jonah went rogue with the note.

    Damian RobertsonDamian Robertson
  • Jonah Hill, the definition of reaching self-actualization. Love it 🙌🏼.

  • I respect him for encouraging us to urge our representatives to act already on something that we're all in agreement about. Climate change is and has been happening for decades.

  • My favorite Meryl Streep moment was on the Graham Norton show. She was talking about her role as a witch in "Into The Woods" and she was saying that in her early 40's she had been offended that she kept being offered roles as witches. Mark Ruffalo then said " So I guess things have changed for you in the past 5 years." She laughed then grabbed him and gave him a great big kiss on the lips. He almost fainted. She IS the G.O.A.T.

    Vona KenyonVona Kenyon
  • OMG 🤣🤣🤣, the look on Jimmy's face when Jonah pulled out a paper and said he wasn't political. He was legit worried for a few seconds.

    Jorge MariscalJorge Mariscal
  • one of the only people with something worthwhile to say on these late night shows. LEGEND!!!!

    Marlee MacGregorMarlee MacGregor
  • After seeing Hill in Superbad, I never would've thought he was going to go on to be anything but a bit-part, raunchy-comedy actor. He has done so much great stuff now. He was brilliant in Moneyball and Wolf of Wallstreet

    Healthy MBSHealthy MBS
  • "If fire festival was a person" had me on the floor 👏😂😂😂😂

    melanie Velasquezmelanie Velasquez
  • I'm so proud that Jonah is finally getting the recognition he deserves as a great actor, PERIOD