1988 Ferrari Testarossa Review // Driving The Legend

The 1988 Ferrari Testarossa (~$150,000 in the used market) is an icon of 80s culture. From its stylish side strakes to its star appearance in Miami Vice, driving the Testarossa instantly makes you appear about 20 percent cooler. The mid-engine flat 12 makes a strong 385 horsepower and 362 lb ft of torque. And since this is a euro spec with a catless Tubi exhaust, it makes wonderful sounds as you climb the revs. Thomas and James are excited to see what made this car special in its era, and how it stood out from its competitors. We hope you enjoy the episode! Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE!
Huge thanks to Jay for lending us his Testarossa
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Post-production by D’Nyeal Wilson and Thomas Holland
Sound by Harrison Dickson and D’Nyeal Wilson
Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io



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  • Thank you all so much for your comments and enthusiasm. As the owner of this car, I consider it my responsibility to share it with the world and not keep it hidden away. Thanks to Thomas, James, Greg (behind the scenes), and all of you watching for helping to keep the passion for these cars alive and making sure younger generations get exposed to them, too. Safe driving, everyone. See you out on the road! 🚗

    Jay LeboJay LeboAcum lună
    • Thank you, coolest car ever made.

      Bass TrammelBass TrammelAcum 9 Zile
    • Jay you are a generous man, thank you for sharing.

      Roy TrevisanRoy TrevisanAcum 15 Zile
    • It's iconic & lovely. Congrats! I've always needed something I can drive frequently with no mechanical worries... so I'm a Lamborghini Huracan guy through & through. My new '23 Tecnica will arrive in January and I can't wait!

      eLearning for ProfiteLearning for ProfitAcum 20 Zile
    • Thank you jay for letting them drive it it’s now been blessed by two celebs We love you and support you

      rob ervinrob ervinAcum 27 Zile
  • I remember walking into a random dealership, really small, only had Performance cars for sale. Green Testarossa was sitting right there in the middle of this small showroom. All I could do was stare. These things have an incredible presence!

    MaxSpeedMikeMaxSpeedMikeAcum lună
    • Sorry say but, I agree... ANY Ferrari would give the same feeling.....I've never owned on but, I have seen a few in my days and no question, they are amazing...

      TheCoolDaveTheCoolDaveAcum lună
    • @antknee420 British Racing Green? Ferrari has always had British Racing green on the books. Horrendously ugly so few actually buy it but it's definitely an option...

      Patrick AsplundPatrick AsplundAcum lună
    • That must have been the only green one in the world. 90+% were Rosso Corsa.

      christdragonchristdragonAcum lună
    • Was it a sort of Irish green monospecchio that comes immediately when you search in google for one? American spec car as well. I don’t know why anyone would be suspicious of a mass produced car being seen in an unusual colour 🤷‍♂️ I bet there are quite a few green ones.

      Michał KasprowiczMichał KasprowiczAcum lună
  • You guys are getting some crazy access to these legends, kudos to you! The 2+M subs are well deserved. This Ferrari for me was "the Ferrari." It's def hated by some, but for me that's beauty in its own way and one of the cars that fueled my passion for cars. (edit - I am now 30, so this car was already over a decade old by the time I really knew what cars were)

    Richard NavrátilRichard NavrátilAcum lună
    • I'm kind of surprised that they don't have far more subs. It has the quality, production and content.

      Scott WalkerScott WalkerAcum lună
    • Damn, I’m knocking on 40 and these never appealed to me. Thought I was too young.

      K CK CAcum lună
    • @பாலமுரளி கு are you from Karna or Tamilnad?

      sharpie fatahsharpie fatahAcum lună
    • im also a 90s kid and it was the F40 for me

      பாலமுரளி குபாலமுரளி குAcum lună
    • Your right, For me it F40 and maranello

      sharpie fatahsharpie fatahAcum lună
  • The subtle loud sniff when describing the car around its night time use. The dramatic pause for the lazy power window. Everything is so well done. Even when you wax lyrical, it's not over the top. Really really good production guys, TY.

    BiggspeedBiggspeedAcum lună
    • Top tier production! Love to see it.

      AyeAyeAcum lună
  • Such a pretty car. Not as out there as the Countach but it’s still a beautiful thing.

    BugsBugsAcum lună
    • Ferraris are tend to be more subdued, so it fits well and beautiful legendary Ferrari. I love how clean this is and Countach for how wild it is that everybody knows you drive a hypercar.

      KornKernelKornKernelAcum lună
    • Original Countach was a very simple, beautiful design.

      Mitchell SteindlerMitchell SteindlerAcum lună
    • Both countach and testarossa were poster cars, but my only gripe with the testarossas is that I wished it had a door that opened upwards, like a scissor door or moth door, the door opening in a funny way (like all supercars should) is the one advantage the countach has over the testarossa

      pi hermosopi hermosoAcum lună
    • You don’t realize how deep and large those side louver vents are until you see this car in person. Side Profile wedge photos are ugly, but front and rear are iconic stuff of legend.

      YSG 2017YSG 2017Acum lună
    • Oh it’s pretty beautiful nonetheless. As for the Countach, there are two versions of it, the “Prototipo” and the “Periscopica”. The Prototipo is the “out-there, show-off” version. The Periscopica is the subtly classy, yet sexy version of the Countach IMHO. I prefer the Periscopica, because of its subtle nature compared to the Prototipo. The Periscopica shares the same principle of design as that of the Testarossa.

      Rahul MandalaRahul MandalaAcum lună
  • Thomas is the perfect re-imagination of a Canadian Magnum PI.

    Shaun Loh Yin LengShaun Loh Yin LengAcum lună
    • Maple P.I

      Andrew DuongAndrew DuongAcum lună
  • These older icons you’re reviewing are really setting the channel apart from the rest, and you were already killing it with production quality and tasteful humor. Any chance you could review an XJ220 or EB110?

    Nicholas TrapaneNicholas TrapaneAcum lună
  • To see you both acting like teenagers with excitement...I just love it when you guys have a great time with an automotive classic. I am sure on this day, your entire production team didn't know they were working as much as they were enjoying the day. Bravo...hats off...thank you

    David ShoferDavid ShoferAcum lună
  • It's really amazing to see how much the video quality has increased. You guys are amazing keep bringing us these amazing videos.

    Arthur Oscar AlbuquerqueArthur Oscar AlbuquerqueAcum lună
  • In love with this side series of cult classic cars, great appreciation for such oldies but goldies is what this channel needed to really stand out. You make this more than just entertaining and informative and its artistic how you guys express the feelings that these cars give. Closest video I’ve come to where I felt engaged in a long time!

    James-Patrick PowersJames-Patrick PowersAcum lună
  • Replacing "90's Honda" parts on an NSX is a pretty big deal today. Some parts are becoming hard to find. That said, it would be harder and far more expensive to keep this car on the road than an NSX.

    Barry RodgersBarry RodgersAcum lună
    • @K C if porsche is reliable, you can call me batman

      Elgoog HosentElgoog HosentAcum o Zi
    • @Jay Lebo I don’t doubt the neglect for a second. I’m sure there are plenty of non enthusiasts with too much Jk ey that don’t know how to treat those cars. Hands are imperfect but real craftsmen should be able to produce a solid product. I don’t think we’re too far off from each other. I love these cars and I’m glad they exist.

      K CK CAcum lună
    • @K C I understand. I think it’s a matter of production numbers and economics. You use Porsche as the benchmark for well-built sports cars. Good choice. So let’s look at what Porsche was offering against Ferrari in the 80s - it was the G-series 911. Porsche made 198,000 G-series 911s between 1974 and 1989; 11,500 in 1974 alone. In contrast, from 1973 to 1994, Ferrari made 11,500 Boxers, Testarossas and 512TRs, combined. From 1975 to 1998, Lamborghini made a combined 5,000 Countaches and Diablos. Think on that for a moment. In one year, during the oil crisis, Porsche sold the same number of 911s as Ferrari made 12-cylinder sports cars over a 21-year period. When you only build a few thousand units, initial development investments are necessarily smaller and the experience and knowledge gained over the course of the production run is necessarily less. It is simply not possible to reach the same degree of engineering and execution excellence as a competitor with 20x the manufacturing scale. (Today there are $3,000,000 exceptions - low volume cars built to the highest standards - but charging $1m+ for a new car wasn’t a thing until the McLaren F1.) They’re handmade in low volumes, and hands are imperfect. What you refer to as superior craftsmanship is actually achieved, IMHO, but replacing craftsmanship with automation. There ain’t much craftsmanship in an 80s 911, wonderful as they are. If you don’t value the handmade aspect, that’s fair, but expecting the same standards from a handmade item as you get from a mass produced item isn’t fair, and ignores the excellence a handmade item can deliver that a mass produced item never can. Last point: “they should hold up better,” you mentioned. I think too many are neglected. It’s hard to know how much of the legendary unreliability is the car’s fault vs. the fault of owners who cut corners on maintenance. You might be surprised, but I’ve seen lots of very poorly maintained supercars. Any car will let you down if you abuse it.

      Jay LeboJay LeboAcum lună
    • @Jay Lebo I’m saying crappy in that we hold them to a lower standard of reliability and craftsmanship. Porsche seems to be able to build reliable and well put together cars but Ferrari and Lamborghinis seem to be made of glass with interiors that fall apart.(at least the older ones) They are beautiful and the engines are impressive but I just think they should hold up better, especially for the premium prices they pull.

      K CK CAcum lună
    • @K C It’s not an appliance. It’s a historic artifact. “Crappy” is subjective. Let’s see your car so we can all judge its crappiness.

      Jay LeboJay LeboAcum lună
  • My father had one in the classic red and tan when I was a kid, and I could never get over the coolness and beauty of it. The style still holds up today.

    Joey MartorelloJoey MartorelloAcum lună
  • being a fan of the 80s vibes, this car just screams it. one of my dream cars for sure

    Sleeper47Sleeper47Acum lună
  • What an entertaining video! Top notch production quality with great humor. I only wish it were a bit longer.. Great video again boys! Thomas definitely looks like he came from the 80s. The intro was so funny!

    JohnJohnAcum lună
  • Yeah, you can keep your boring EV’s. I’ll gladly be slower in the Testarossa any day. That car sounds glorious going through the rev-range. ❤️

    vr6glsvr6glsAcum lună
  • Loved, loved, loved the Miami Vice skit!!! Way to go guys! Thanks for making my week. Great memories!

    G. R.G. R.Acum lună
  • The Testarrossa, along with the F40, was my favourite Ferrari and supercar of my youth and possibly of all time. I have Burago miniatures of both models.

    tugatomsk animationtugatomsk animationAcum lună
  • I only recently discovered you guys and am astonished at how amazing your videos are! Great variety of cars, great experiments, great production, and you guys are great "characters".

    HamborgorHamborgorAcum lună
  • Guys. I have been watching you for about 2.5 years,maybe more idk, you just keep getting better. Hitting peaks every video,even on the extra channel (which is not the main channel)

    zarok lefteriszarok lefterisAcum lună
  • I wish there was a love button. I've dreamed of this car since I was a kid, and seeing it get the Throttle House treatment was glorious.

    Lance JorgensenLance JorgensenAcum lună
  • I forgot Crockett had a Testarossa. Maybe because I liked the Daytona Spider so much. Then again, Ferrari threatened to sue the show because the Daytonas used in filming were Corvettes with body kits. So they blew up the Daytona in the show and switched to the white Testarossa. Two of which were given to them by Ferrari.

    Brian StanalandBrian StanalandAcum lună
  • Another awesome retro 80s rad car video! Thanks guys! Next up has to be the F512M!

    EJ  No BoundariesEJ No BoundariesAcum lună
  • "You've end up kicking a Snorlax in the face, it's woken up, and it's angry; that's a Ferrari." Thanks James, Ferrari needs you on there marketing team.

    Max LagMax LagAcum lună
  • Thank you to all the production crew that puts so much effort into these videos.

    Dirt Sailor Off-RoadDirt Sailor Off-RoadAcum lună
  • I really love how the interior hang out sessions make me feel like I'm there, and I'm always curious as to all the things you see in the interior of these places! Thank you for this!

    jama211jama211Acum lună
  • Thanks guys for again bringing back memories, and with your unique style, love it! Next level up, the 959? And perhaps after that the F40...? 🥰

    Sebastiaan van RooijenSebastiaan van RooijenAcum lună
  • I was incredibly lucky to drive one of these 6 or so years ago (bearing in mind I had a Volvo 240 at the time). It was incredible. The throttle response made it feel pretty sharp off the mark. The Testarossa always looks better in the metal. A dream car for sure. Totally blimmin' delicious!

    Seabass T-CoffeeSeabass T-CoffeeAcum lună
  • I absolutely love these classic car reviews. You guys win the ROburns.

    David MichaelDavid MichaelAcum lună
  • Congrats for keeping performing this way, the perfect mix of humor, drama and joy doing what you people love. And that emotion an kindness is felt on each chapter. You are Naturally Aspirated!!

    gatuzo arayasgatuzo arayasAcum lună
  • I love the chemistry you guys have! was smiling all through the video. Thank You Throttle House

    Pranav rmcPranav rmcAcum lună
  • The chemistry between the two of you is what makes your videos so captivating. I hope you are like this after the cameras are off.

    Clifton RichardsonClifton RichardsonAcum lună
  • Damn, you guys do good video's. This is one of those TV car show experiences I always look forward too.

    J MJ MAcum lună
  • One of my friends had a Testarossa that was a late 80's car. I remember him complaining about needing to drop the engine to do one of the needed routine maintenance that cost quite a bit. Loved listening to that car when he would drive off. Loved the style.

    Robert ArutunianRobert ArutunianAcum lună
  • I remember when these were new, and on the cover of car magazines. The ones to have are the 85'-86' cars as they had the one wing mirror on the A pillar. Mr Ferrari was a big fan of Miami Vice, so he sent them the white one that appears in the show. I remember Top Gear did a review of the Ferrari Testarossa, and the Countach together. Both were owned by Harry Metclaffe. Thanks.

    christdragonchristdragonAcum lună
  • Love the reviews of classic cars, thank you!!

    Rick LeeRick LeeAcum lună
  • Didn't expect that! It really is a bargain at these prices. I would love to own one and do a restomod.

    Bartosz MikiBartosz MikiAcum lună
    • I agree, it was a bargain. That’s why I bought it!

      Jay LeboJay LeboAcum lună
    • Not for long

      Andrew DuongAndrew DuongAcum lună
    • It'll cost you more to maintain than to buy it.

      UFC83UFC83Acum lună
    • It's an amazing car and will likely skyrocket in value over the years, but the cost of ownership is really something else.

      Hiratio MastersonHiratio MastersonAcum lună
  • Very connected to the road. Exhaust and upgrade the rims and tires to some 18" and a few other tricks and its amazing. I have an upgraded sound system and usually don't play it because nothing is like that sound. Of all my cars in my stable, the TR gets the most looks and comments. Best purchase i have ever made. The upgraded version of the Testarossa my fit you perfectly even more. The 512TR had updated interior my modern, its hp was increased to 422hp and it came with 18" rims and low profile tires stock. The 1988 you have has the upgraded cooling and A/C along with the 5 lug rims which is huge over the single center spinner that was on the 1987 and prior. Rims and tire upgrade alone on mine was huge. OH, get a MOMO steering wheel, made a nice difference and remember the steering column is adjustable , lower left of the column (up and down motion only) Services vary. Anywhere from 4500 to 20k. Some things you want to service while engine is out otherwise you pay again for the R&R all over down the line.

    redtestaredtestaAcum lună
  • Thomas =a phenomenal actor

    rob ervinrob ervinAcum lună
    • James = a phenomenal James

      Yuri TeixeiraYuri TeixeiraAcum lună
  • My first sport bike was a 1994 Suzuki RF600R… it’s design was inspired by the Testarossa. Beautiful car and beautiful bike.

    SteveSteveAcum lună
  • Hey, Throttle House, keep up the good work. I love watching your content. I’d really love to see a review from you guys in my unattainable dream car, the Enzo. I’ll give you a crispy high five if you can pull it off!

    Ryan KingRyan KingAcum lună
  • As always another charming and informative car experience while sitting at my desk. Thank to you two!!! I read thru some comments and you guys are getting the kudos you deserve. xoxo

    Paul FinlayPaul FinlayAcum 18 Zile
  • That was my favourite car as a kid, it has unmatched styling.

    RRAcum lună
  • I think this has to be the "least complained about" Ferrari on this channel. It may have no apple carplay/Android auto but at least it doesn't take up most of the gauge cluster.

    Some guySome guyAcum lună
  • I was reading car and driver as soon as I learned the alphabet. Being a car nut, you guys are the real deal, high production value, wit, detailed insight; no wonder your channel is joining the ranks of the greatest. Keep up the good work!

    Adam CheckverAdam CheckverAcum lună
  • Love it, new cars may be faster and better but classic cars just have that unreplaceable magic that new cars are missing.

    wykydytronwykydytronAcum lună
  • Im constantly blown away at the quality of these videos. Always enjoy watching these. They need to get thier own big budget show on Amazon. The next grand tour

    XM1STERX1XM1STERX1Acum lună
  • Growing up I kept seeing these for like 50-60k and that was my goal car to own. Boy did the market sky rocket by the time I got there.

    RAMRAMAcum 21 o Zi
  • Great video, great car, amazing content. This is one of the funniest videos you have made guys, I was laughing out loud while you two went inside the car. Thanks!

    Jairo Pérez-OsorioJairo Pérez-OsorioAcum lună
  • I got addicted to your channel. It tickles that part of my heart and brain that longs for old Top Gear. You are legitimate heirs to their legacy. I honestly believe you could also have guest appearances and stuff Top Gear had, but in your own way. 10/10 quality, in my mind, you are up there next to Mark Rober and some other fantastic content creators. Simply awesome stuff!

    FrljaFrljaAcum 26 Zile
  • Great review and info. Also funny as always. I am torn between the Testarossa or the Countach. The Testarossa is nice, but between these cars bat crap crazy might be in order (hence the Countach). Of course I am starting to see a theme with Lamborginis, the are fun but painful to drive (namely the recent Aventador).

    wannabe DAL-ADXwannabe DAL-ADXAcum lună
  • Still one of my favorite cars of all time.

    Christian HorvathChristian HorvathAcum lună
  • 😂😂You guys always kill it with the intros 😂🔥🔥

    Ace OverdriveAce OverdriveAcum lună
  • Nice review. I have a 1994 512TR and it’s an amazing experience. The old Ferrari cars are definitely more engaging and fun to drive. Modern cars have sacrificed this feeling and are more about just extreme speed with the engagement

    The GT GuyThe GT GuyAcum lună
    • *without a sense of engagement

      The GT GuyThe GT GuyAcum lună
  • That helmet bounce off of the A pillar never gets old. I've done that many times.

    techvettetechvetteAcum lună
  • I have always loved these cars. I can remember in my early 20's these were selling for 50k-60k CAD. Now they're a lot more. Like many cars lol

    c900t16c900t16Acum lună
  • I LOVE the look of the Testarossa🤔😎👌🏻. Especially the SOUND. Sounds like a typical Ferrari V-12 sound.

    Luke SlaterLuke SlaterAcum lună
  • Another great intro 👏 Styling is definite 80's, later model design updates gotten worse.

    DM 2MWDM 2MWAcum lună
  • These just get better and better! Most entertaining car channel!

    C in the 3C in the 3Acum lună
  • Probably the best highkey car channel right now. Of course theres those small channels that are really good but for a mainstream channel, this never disappoints and remains unique.

    Pierce M.Pierce M.Acum lună
  • This was my college dream car! Thank you for featuring such a classic supercar!

    Milton WoodwardMilton WoodwardAcum lună
  • It's iconic & lovely. Congrats! I've always needed something I can drive frequently with no mechanical worries... so I'm a Lamborghini Huracan guy through & through. My new '23 Tecnica will arrive in January and I can't wait!

    eLearning for ProfiteLearning for ProfitAcum 20 Zile
  • love this car. timeless looks still beautiful

    jizzy523jizzy523Acum lună
  • 13:26 "we've lost him" 🤣🤣 you can see Thomas get the joke just before they cut to the next shot...

    Alexander MitchellAlexander MitchellAcum lună
  • Man... I love that car to this day. It's just so "elegantly odd".

    Brutus UndercroftBrutus UndercroftAcum lună
  • end bit was amazing haha. Loving these videos on cool supercars from a time long past. Keep it up guys.

    Kaz FG MillerKaz FG MillerAcum lună
  • The Ferrari of our 90s childhood dreams. Easily one of my favorite Ferrari's looks wise

    nlocniLnlocniLAcum lună
  • It’s designed to be a grand touring car… and performance factors in. Totally different approach then the countach. I actually liked the redhead more then the bull. Don Johnson helped me back in the day.😆

    D CartelloneD CartelloneAcum lună
  • i think this video has awakened my love for the testarossa. such a cool car. i love the 80s vibes it gives off. the sound is great. the rear end looks amazing. love it.

    Ty McDanielTy McDanielAcum lună
  • Really good to see your enthusiasm. But did you really question its greatness in the land of classic super cars? It is all you said it is and when you get it on proper roads you’ll see it comes to life! The engine position on paper might not be as ideal as you’d like it, but I can assure you it handles very well on roads that actually have bends… lol Yea, it is more work to drive but it is absolutely an event through and through and that’s what some of us want. I sold a 550 Maranello for mine and haven’t looked back. Not because it wasn’t an amazing performer, but because it just wasn’t the excitement and drama I wanted. Good episode. Cheers Jason 🇨🇦 🇦🇹 #jcr_cars

    JasonJasonAcum lună
  • Ferrari never gets old 🔥🔥

    Racing Wheels GamingRacing Wheels GamingAcum lună
  • You both amazing, the quality of videos are now cinematic, well done guys, great job. to the moon!

    Cars I have Driven!Cars I have Driven!Acum lună
  • A lot of this vid was spent just listening to the car. Sheer joy! Thank you for this review, especially as I just saw a TB350 where I live, which is a small city, so there was no way it could be missed. Thankfully the black beauty was parked by a store and I could just stare at it for a while. I was also thankful I was wearing a mask to cover the drool...

    WaterMusicCatWaterMusicCatAcum lună
  • This car has a presence in person, not so much in photos, although the front and rear views of it are always striking - so low, wide, ominous. 80s all the way.

    YSG 2017YSG 2017Acum lună
  • The Audi Quattro is what got me into cars, this was my love at first sight.

    Francis LimgencoFrancis LimgencoAcum lună
  • Such a beautiful car. Absolutely timeless.

    ABK 1ABK 1Acum lună
  • This was THE 80's dream car.... I've always wanted one so bad, and I would play the Outrun arcade game all the time just because you drove as THIS very car! lol

    Psychofox99Psychofox99Acum 28 Zile
  • I just love the Testarossa!!! I had a huge portrait of it on my bedroom wall when I was small. Dream car. This particular example is very clean. What a gorgeous car ❤

    NovusMaximusNovusMaximusAcum lună
  • I had the experience to drive side by side a red Testarossa in my 89 Vette going 180km. It was amazing the sound of both car exhausts singing in harmony. These cars were made to be driven this way! No need for a tubi exhaust if you can drive at proper speed!

    Dragon FencingDragon FencingAcum lună
    • @Dragon Fencing ugh 240chp, 180 whp ....who gives a shit how much is at the crank

      antknee420antknee420Acum lună
    • Well antknee420. Clearly you don't understand what it's all about. It's not just about numbers. I have a 2012 Taurus sho that is faster and pushes way harder than the Ferrari. But I promise the Ferrari is an experience of a lifetime to drive. And this is coming from someone who's built track cars for a living. ITS NOT ALL ABOUT HP!! 🥴🥴🤪🙄

    • @antknee420 you are misinformed 1989 corvette has 240hp with 350lbs of torque and unlike 80-90s Ferrari you don’t have to tune up your car after every time you drive. Did you know that all Testarossa had a mandatory hammer which you would use to tap the starter casing occasionally on hard starts!

      Dragon FencingDragon FencingAcum lună
    • Did you just compare a junk corvette with a whopping 180hp to a ferrari v12?

      antknee420antknee420Acum lună
    • Unfortunately, the police and cities/municipalities have realized how much lucrative revenue is earned by deliberately posting unnecessarily low speed limits, and engaging in overzealous enforcement. Enjoying a car that can safely drive at triple the maximum speed limit is almost an impossibility.

      Perry ElyodPerry ElyodAcum lună
  • Probably my favorite Ferrari design of all time!!! 😍

    Luis BarreraLuis BarreraAcum 4 Zile
  • That nose swipe while saying "80's energy" had me rolling! Great review as always gentlemen!

    Chuck SweitzerChuck SweitzerAcum lună