GOOD Girl Became BAD - My Sister is Adopted SUPERHERO | Funny Sibling Struggles by La La Life Games

Do you have an annoying sister or brother?🙋‍♀️ Like a really BAD one!😈 So does Grace! Lola is a terrible prankster and always messes with her younger sister💔 But look at the bright side, your sister’s always got your back! Funny struggles and challenges of two sisters in our new video!

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00:00 Older and younger sibling
00:29 Good vs Bad Girl
01:07 It’s Slimer!
01:57 Bad E-Girl Sister
02:44 Sneaking FOOD to the Movies
04:13 Very Bad Prank
04:40 Going to school
05:48 Good vs Bad at School
07:10 Cheating at the competition
08:58 Soft Girl Makeover for a Date
09:21 E-Gamer vs Soft Gamer
10:37 Morning Routine
11:40 How to Be Popular
12:38 E-Girl’s Prank
13:30 Makeover

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