We Launched Our Wrecked Porsche 911 Turbo And Blew Something Up!!!

This is kinda wild!!! We are moving right along with our porsche build and all other builds are following right along! We cant wait to be fully moved into our new shop where we can crank some stuff out. However, this isn't going to slow us down too much because we are excited to get this porsche back to original state, with some gooznquad touches! Cant Wait!!!
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  • You really gotta go 100% on the fence and trees around the commercial property, worth it in the long run

    Connor QuiliciConnor QuiliciAcum lună
    • @Relaxing Vibes Doesn't make it right

      LeEpicGaymerLeEpicGaymerAcum lună
    • @Stone good

      StatusRIKStatusRIKAcum lună
    • @Game app Reviewer sorry to tell you but it's not illegal to video record anything that is public. That is exactly why my video doorbell may record my neighbors in their yard and there is nothing illegal about it.

      David WallDavid WallAcum lună
    • Last fight roburn.info/done/aYmMeo-i0myC2Lc/video.html

      Hai BoaiHai BoaiAcum lună
    • @Game app Reviewer look it up you can record in public... its weird asf dont get me wrong but its our amendment of freedom of speech and media and press

      Relaxing VibesRelaxing VibesAcum lună
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    • Good to see how you guys came up here to show keen appreciation to Mr Harvey Barrett FX this is how I got recommendation about him.

      Faustinus EmenikeFaustinus EmenikeAcum lună
    • @Emmanuel Ransom you can write him up📝

      Mellitus scottMellitus scottAcum lună
    • @Emmanuel Ransom Fb👆👆

      Mellitus scottMellitus scottAcum lună
  • Y’all been killing it with the content even after getting injured you guys kept it going! But I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses when you guys spent a little extra time explaining what you guys are taking apart and where the bolts and stuff are. I’m not much of a mechanic but it sure helps me understand and appreciate these beautiful cars you guys work on.

    Artemio VargasArtemio VargasAcum lună
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  • The faces Billy makes are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Will MotivationWill MotivationAcum lună
    • Last fight roburn.info/done/aYmMeo-i0myC2Lc/video.html

      Hai BoaiHai BoaiAcum lună
    • Both of them Goon Dudes gotta be ripped to the max - what’d they grow back there in Danny Boone Country ?

      Ward MontgomeryWard MontgomeryAcum lună
    • @Tha Boi Junior I saw that and it has an automatic transmission - the owners manual states don’t tow these cars !

      Ward MontgomeryWard MontgomeryAcum lună
    • @Ward Montgomery did anyone notice that the porsche has 4 wheel steering

      Tha Boi JuniorTha Boi JuniorAcum lună

      Ward MontgomeryWard MontgomeryAcum lună
  • When I first saw the Porsche I thought that's pretty far gone. After seeing the parts tub you bought that should ease repairing the body tub. Also seeing that the suspension mounting points all seemed good, and it was just the bolt on suspension pieces now I can see how that will make it easier to fix. Should be a real Goonzquad screamer when it's done.

    Daniel MarekDaniel MarekAcum lună
    • Ever since they brought back that lambo I believe they can bring back anything 😂

      RumbellyXPRumbellyXPAcum lună
  • I’m a 51 year old from Houston Texas and I want to let you guys know that the work y’all do is on point and to keep up the great work and Pops is the best!

    Barry PennieBarry PennieAcum lună
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  • Thankfully they mentioned finally about the scams w those using there name. Love the videos and updates. More importantly that you guys are healing up well. Keep doing your thing and for all please watch for those posing as goonzquad with offers.

    hhova29hhova29Acum lună
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  • I can't believe we're finally watching them work in their new shop! I'm so happy for these guys 🔥🤩

    Andy DinesAndy DinesAcum lună
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  • You guys are great. Love that you left the dog “dropping load” at 2:40😆

    Cory BlakelyCory BlakelyAcum lună
    • I was looking the comments to make sure I saw that right😆

      Joost DeenJoost DeenAcum lună
  • It seems like bodywork wise it may be easier to repair the damage on the shell and then paint it blue and swap all the parts onto it. Either way can't wait to see it.

    CrispyCrispyAcum lună
    • @TrillieDon ok Trilliedonna

      Drew TuTwentyDrew TuTwentyAcum 24 Zile
    • @Drew TuTwenty you must be a kid. That’s not sensible in any means

      TrillieDonTrillieDonAcum 24 Zile
    • @Erik Anderson or drive em at this point they should just make a museum and display them

      Drew TuTwentyDrew TuTwentyAcum lună
    • That would defeat the purpose of them wanting to use the frame machine.

      Isidro SevierIsidro SevierAcum lună
    • @H don’t sweat Tim glass, the only thing he is good at is whining in the comments every week. Hey Tim get a frickin life!

      rex mundirex mundiAcum lună
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to swap everything over to the shell? I understand it’s going to be difficult but it looks in much better condition and it would be easier than cutting and replacing.

    Elvis VillaElvis VillaAcum lună
    • @Mark Grovenor if they had a title for both it wouldn't be terrible

      Logan WhatcottLogan WhatcottAcum lună
    • It would have a different VIN/chassis number which would be a nightmare to have registered.

      Mark GrovenorMark GrovenorAcum lună
    • @Drew TuTwenty there is also the possibility of that chassis being damaged that they hadn't shown us, and is a parts only title.

      Logan WhatcottLogan WhatcottAcum lună
    • That’s exactly what I was thinking just swap it all over and bad a straight and clean car but these guys like to peel a potato with a chainsaw

      Drew TuTwentyDrew TuTwentyAcum lună
    • would be easier, and make sure it is straight. but that is less content for them

      Logan WhatcottLogan WhatcottAcum lună
  • Great video. Crazy how they are already running out of room already in the new shop. That noise sure sounds like the left turbo inner spherical bearing has lost oil pressure causing axial chatter when centrifugal force is realized. Common problem on oil film suspended bearings.

    Becky UmphreyBecky UmphreyAcum lună
  • That dog dropping the deuce was hilarious 😂! Glad you left it in there! Keep it up!!! I’m from Chattanooga so it’s always great to watch your channel!

    Chad LynnChad LynnAcum lună
  • It's a good thing that you fellas are healing so well. :)

    George DawsGeorge DawsAcum lună
  • Could that 'turbo' sound just simply be an exhaust leak in that area, as exhaust leaks often chirp or make odd sounds depending on the size/shape of the hole/gap, its like whistling.

    J BJ BAcum lună
    • yes , a exhaust leak on a turbo engine can sound like that ...well , if the problem is\are the turbo it self , at least they aren't wrencking more than it already was ... isn't smart to start the engine before prepping and testing everything first anyway

      DanidasanicDanidasanicAcum lună
    • I wonder if they remembered to connect the oil lines back to the turbos.

      Isidro SevierIsidro SevierAcum lună
    • You do have a great point it also could be a damaged turbo not spinning properly

      Jaxon DebruinJaxon DebruinAcum lună
    • Sounds like a chipmunk or squirrel lol

      Anthony ClemAnthony ClemAcum lună
    • @Mike Cummings or blow off valve stuck

      hzn88hzn88Acum lună
  • Billy was cracking me up. Great to see you gentlemen getting better!

    Full Trigger RestorationsFull Trigger RestorationsAcum lună
  • I'm so glad that you both are doing well and healing. I don't have every section of social media, but I know I've been missing Pops on here. You are growing fast and things coming together. It's easy to forget about those who have helped along the way...don't forget about Vtuned...would love to see him succeed! Also, it would be really cool for you to have a regular contest for fans to visit and help work on stuff.

    Matthew LaunMatthew LaunAcum lună
  • nice to see the shop and house come together nice to see things moving forward

    barry aitchisonbarry aitchisonAcum lună
  • wow it great to see you guys working in you new garage even though you are both injured and willing to put a video out for us all to see thanks look forward to the next 1

    Stephen TracyStephen TracyAcum lună
  • Dear Eleazar and Simeon, First of all we’re happy to learn that Eleazar’s hands seem to be healed very well so we also hope the same for Simeon’s chest. It’s so good to see that the new Goonzquad HQ is already under a roof. Also that the Porsche 911 Turbo is running although she makes a weird sound. We wish you lots of success with all the ongoing projects and wish you as well as the entire Drevenchuk family all the happiness of the world plus we send you ❤️ from the Netherlands. Best regards, Willeke and Dick de Graaff

    Dick de GraaffDick de GraaffAcum lună
  • I love your channel, I've watched it since the mustang build, and it gives me a lot of happiness and inspiration to see how much you've evolved and keep always learning new things and doing amazing things.

    Eu Faria VídeosEu Faria VídeosAcum lună
  • I thought I heard the engine jump when you launched it and bet the pulley’s are rubbing against some thing. Check your Mount’s 🤟🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    ToshayonguardToshayonguardAcum lună
  • I love watching these two work directly on the vehicle together so much. What a fun change.

    Scott TheisScott TheisAcum lună
  • So proud of you guys! Truly blessed. You all are in my prayers.

    KozKozAcum lună
  • Thank you so much for addressing the give away. Keep up the work boys

    deezyD 87deezyD 87Acum lună
  • Glad you boys are keeping that BEAUTIFUL boat inside the garage! That Yamaha is spectacular!!!

    Paul JosephPaul JosephAcum lună
  • Finally, you guys are working in your new shop! It's been a long time waiting!! It's also great seeing Simon working side by side with Billy. Great video!!

    David FariasDavid FariasAcum lună
  • Sounds like a blowoff valve doing weird shat!! Luv the vids guys glad your getting healed up.

    TwoDogsYYCTwoDogsYYCAcum lună
  • Hope to see you guys continue to do work with VTuned! Love the content boys!

    Richard hgggRichard hgggAcum lună
  • Hey guys, good to see you healing. I think you should transfer everything good into the new shell. It's far superior. Just a thought.

    Huw MerlinHuw MerlinAcum lună
  • 😂 Dog in the background. 💩🐶 Keep up the good work lads. Get fully recovered and well ASAP. 👍🏻

    Supra ChrisSupra ChrisAcum lună
  • Wow, the Porsche is alive. That is so hard to believe, considering the shape it was in. Our boy's, heal so fast. Must be all the Dang Sauce. It's so nice to see Simeon's house, you can see all the shape & dimensions.👍

    GaryGaryAcum lună
    • @Barkanelli ChasingDreams We don't want none of that DAWG Shite Sauce in the UK !!!

      Travis AshTravis AshAcum lună
    • Last fight roburn.info/done/bX6ca2SqyaKc3Kc/video.html

      Mot AoiaMot AoiaAcum lună
    • Dang Healing Sauce😍😁🤣

      Barkanelli ChasingDreamsBarkanelli ChasingDreamsAcum lună
  • Hey, Lovin' these video's. I especially love your new addition to your family! Those bunnies are adorable. I work for a Bunny Rescue here in New York. Some helpful hints, a lot of hay, some pellets and lots of greens. No ice burg lettuce!! Also, Please NO carrots !! I know that's crazy but they are like candy to us. Only once in a while.. Stay safe !!

    Karen AndersenKaren AndersenAcum lună
  • Love what you guys are doing with these cars. A lot of people your age and even the older generation of people can't do what you guys do but what makes me cringe sometimes is that you guys want to do test drives and burnouts when the car is barely 40% done and it would cause more damage than you are repairing. My suggestion is, I know you are excited and you want to try it, but slow down and think about what needs to be done before you full send it.

    geriko1geriko1Acum lună
    • @Huckle2k Ofc , you are selling ur own image but it's just stupid to start an engine in this condition ...It hurts to see a proper engine being pushed like this after an accident

      DanidasanicDanidasanicAcum lună
    • This is an entertainment channel, not just a “car repair” channel. We are here to see the boys and their “just send it” personality (burnouts, early launches, car flips) as much as the wrench work.

      Huckle2kHuckle2kAcum lună
    • They need to develop some personal restraint when the vehicle is in poor condition I agree. They know that driving it is a big moment for themselves and the channel so they get excited, you called it. I would never imagine flipping over a car I intended to repair, but I just watch and enjoy the content and once in awhile go "Ohh Sh*t ,Don't do that boys" But they are learning from experience the one thing you can not teach.

      Intricate IncIntricate IncAcum lună
  • Will be interesting how they handle the VIN issue if they swap bodies..In most states it is illegal to tamper with or remove a VIN, but it happens often "under the radar"

    my31and37my31and37Acum lună
  • Can't remember how I ended up watching one of your videos but been binge watching since. You guys are simply great! You are promoting lots of American values that are being destroyed currently. Whish you all the best and keep up the good work!

    A OA OAcum lună
  • I am glad to see you two so busy! I have been that way for all my life and I am 65 now and have slowed down immensley! I was disabled at 53 and my wife and I live on a fixed income so, we may not be able to support you except by subscribing, wathing and commenting on your projects! Thanks for the creative content, I love what you are doing!

    Frank GeimerFrank GeimerAcum lună
  • Great to see you boys bouncing right back...."The Porscheopener"....cool idea ...Well, it's all beginning to come together...The house looks...... fantastico, the shop just gets better every video..and skin heals.....That Porsche....Guess your electrician wants it....lol

    life longlife longAcum lună
  • Love the new house build. So, glad you both are healing. Great vlog today.

    Tammy ChryssikosTammy ChryssikosAcum lună
  • Amazing work boys! The front half of that Porsche looks fairly ok, so will you be mainly replacing the back end parts, or are you going to swap the whole tub?🤔

    Phil TuckerPhil TuckerAcum lună
  • Nice to see that car finally moving under its own power and doing ok. Hopefully it’s nothing serious with that squeaking. Great the shop is nearly done but you should deal with the floor before going much further in it. Great job guys 👍

    Bob WilsonBob WilsonAcum lună
    • This show gives the average working person the extra bit of motivation at the end of the day, Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. Keep up the fantastic work.

      Mike WhiteMike WhiteAcum 18 Zile
  • Awesome too see her running can’t wait to see her finished

    dabo enterprizedabo enterprizeAcum lună
  • LIFTS!! Awesome! Awesome to see you guys healin up like Wolverine. Love it!

    Matt BMatt BAcum lună
  • Awesome work guys 👌🏻

    Adult EventsAdult EventsAcum lună
  • You guys should consider adding an air compressor along with some long hose reels attached from the ceiling to make it easier to run those machines and for future pneumatic power tools. Those will be some good investments for y’all’s car shop.

    Benil BabuBenil BabuAcum lună
  • Congratulations on the new shop you're going to be able to do incredible things in the future as you will get bigger and better. And as dad would say keep it on the ground.

    David MillhollonDavid MillhollonAcum lună
  • nice to see that you going health good!! Ill wish you all the best for the year befor you get hurt before your next birthday ;)

    Stefan Mc AreaveyStefan Mc AreaveyAcum lună
  • Goonzquad is knocking out the content 👍🏻

    Big DBig DAcum lună
  • I would have welded the oil pan unless it’s some exotic metal. I think you have the equipment to do that.

    MoMan01MoMan01Acum lună
  • Thanks for clearing up the scam stuff, I knew it wasn’t you guys… keep up the great work.

    Slarty BartfastSlarty BartfastAcum lună
  • Made me wince seeing you use that bloody impact so soon after your injury 😂 Be careful please!

    Beko1987Beko1987Acum lună
  • I’ve seen a lot of those scams been popping up. Would be cool to see a 2015 VF Holden, known as Chevy SS in the states as a future build. Definitely our version of a muscle car for us down here in New Zealand & Australia. Shout out from New Zealand 🇳🇿

    WLF x GVNGWLF x GVNGAcum lună
  • Howdy awesome knuckleheads! One day y'all will look back at this time and dream of how good it was! Us viewers congrat y'all for your family hard work!

    Dwaine CobbDwaine CobbAcum lună
  • Simon & Elazar from my past experience you have two ways to go! Repair the damaged area on the shell with the same parts from the blue Porsche and transfer all of the parts over from the blue Porsche over to the shell a lot of work but the least invasive to the integrity of the car. Another way & it saves some work is back halfing the blue car so you don't have to remove many things from the blue one. Very invasive to the integrity of the structure but if done right especially on your new frame machine it's another option. So you would cut the windshield pillars and cut across the rockers & floor following the factory floor seems. Anyhow whatever you do it will be interesting to see how you get it done!

    kickit59kickit59Acum lună
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  • Glad everything s goin okay with they wounds boys. Love the show!!

    Jan MartensJan MartensAcum lună
    • Bot alert lol

      Eddie DotyEddie DotyAcum lună
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  • For some reason it's always cool to see your pops so involved with all that's going on. Good luck with the Porsche.

    superhawk20002superhawk20002Acum lună
  • Glad to hear you're on the mend! :)

    Midwest MutineerMidwest MutineerAcum lună
  • New shop is going to look totally different once it’s paved. You should really get the flooring in the garage done, resin or custom pvc tiles. Need to get some banners and decor in there too.

    Millennial TruckerMillennial TruckerAcum lună
  • The 4 wheel steering looks especially funny on this.

    Christopher SuarezChristopher SuarezAcum lună
  • Now that you guys need to take it easy for a bit this could be the perfect time to the garage floor coated!

    Dave-007Dave-007Acum lună
    • Great idea Dave !

      Robsav4101Robsav4101Acum lună
  • I don't think the front-lip goes down. The button you are probably referring to in the center console is for the front-lift system. It is used to get into driveways and past speedbumps, etc. Real wing should auto-deploy around 75 mph if the conditions require it.

    fairplay89fairplay89Acum lună
    • There is an extra for the air front-lip (on 911 - 992) but it's only available trough the infotainment . the physical button is for the front lift system , wichs is also an extra ...ofc

      DanidasanicDanidasanicAcum lună
  • That is definitely a turbo I've heard Cleetus break a few and that's what they sound like

    Mat PearsonMat PearsonAcum lună
  • I doubt y’all will see this! as much oil that was in the cylinders it would be wise to pull the plugs and check them when you get access again make sure they are good! To save you the trouble after it’s put back together!

    Tyler StarnesTyler StarnesAcum lună
  • Now that you got the power and everything on it's time to invest in a hydraulic press so you can press those ball joints and wheel bearings in and out quickly

    chip aroochip arooAcum lună
  • NOTHING stops you guys! Keep on trucking.

    Mike TroianoMike TroianoAcum lună
  • I have to ask fellas, would it not be simpler / quicker to swap the good parts off the blue shell to replace the damaged parts on the grey shell then use that instead or do the rules in USA / Tennessee prohibit this ?? (I know in the UK it's dependent on the class of the "write off") Just wondering but looking forward to seeing whatever you do,

    Nigel PughNigel PughAcum lună
  • That would be fun just to drive around town like this

    donald allendonald allenAcum lună
  • That shell looks in almost perfect condition, why don’t just paint it and move all the parts

    Marcel ArarMarcel ArarAcum lună
  • Please guy's take it easy 🙂. I love to watching you guys your tops, Please take care of yourself. I want you guys around for a long time, I love watching the house and your barn, it scared me when you both are hurt. I love your videos ❤️ God bless you both and your family. Please be careful.

    Merrill WheelandMerrill WheelandAcum lună
  • I would have transplanted the donor body on to the chassis and then repaired the small damage it would likely save you a fair amount of time

    Uber AdventureUber AdventureAcum lună
  • I watch you guys every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday you guys motivate me 💯👍

    Polo GangPolo GangAcum lună
  • Glad to see y'all are working on the Porsche again

    John MaldonadoJohn MaldonadoAcum lună
  • It’s truly amazing watching you fellas grow…y’all truly make it like we are a part of the family!!! Love the content

    Dustin Harris "The Rare Guy"Dustin Harris "The Rare Guy"Acum lună
    • @Dustin Harris "The Rare Guy" nice.

      Rick JanssenRick JanssenAcum lună
    • @Rick Janssen I wear a special cochlear hearing aid so I can hear really well…and 11 years of speech and here I am…

      Dustin Harris Dustin Harris "The Rare Guy"Acum lună
    • @Dustin Harris "The Rare Guy" never heard of that before, do you still have the ability to hear? or are you deaf?

      Rick JanssenRick JanssenAcum lună
    • @Ward Montgomery I was born without ears and yes it’s a rare thing to have lol

      Dustin Harris Dustin Harris "The Rare Guy"Acum lună
    • rare boi

      Ward MontgomeryWard MontgomeryAcum lună
  • I agree, save your time and replace the original shell with the new one. It will look better in the end. No welds

    Nolan WynnNolan WynnAcum lună
  • That's old man strength right there! Your pops went into beast mode picking up that Porsche body. 👍

    Matt WingfieldMatt WingfieldAcum lună
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  • Good to see Simon doing some work

    Brandon MorganBrandon MorganAcum lună
  • Y’all gotta install some rock sliders and a lift kit for that thing!

    Tim WoodieTim WoodieAcum lună
  • Hey guys it sounds like an exhaust manifold gasket squeak on the Porsche. Also, glad to see both of you recovering really quick !

    Tarique KhanTarique KhanAcum lună
    • Or a turbo waste gate since it's an off throttle sound.

      mntbighkermntbighkerAcum lună
  • The previous owner wants his car back after you guys fix it and wants some Dang Sauce as part of the deal.

    Mike MisselMike MisselAcum lună
  • You guys must love having the ramps now, so much easier to get stuff done.

    Home BuiltHome BuiltAcum lună
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